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Perhaps the second that my umbilical cord had been cut, there has been a desire to be reconnected with people in my subconscious.Therefore, I am always interested in overcoming some barriers among people, no matter it is a solution, a process, or a barrier itself. These have become the body of my art. In the process of communicating to people, there is a lot of possibilities comes from different kinds of verifications and changes. Thus, I would like to find a more direct communicative approach through art to create a deep impact on people’s feelings and behaviors.I hope that I can stimulate the natural of looking for the meaning within the human being

to connect  images and realities, and then, go beyond their limitation from  the gap .


I come from Taiwan.When I was a child, I used to grab crayons or color brushes to paint on walls in my house with great interests in colors and forms.  I studied in Visual Design at vocational high school, during that period, I was deeply fascinated by something invisible but concretely exist in a metaphysical stage through literature studies. Continuing my interests in visual experience and literature, I was double majored in

photography and film production during my undergraduate study. At that time,  I was profoundly influenced by Andrei Tarkovsky. Through  Tarkovsky’s films, I realized by pursuing and expressing

the truth, an author’s belief in art can reconstructed the audiences’ spirit status.


On another side, My enthusiasm for contemporary poetry is also the internal motivation of my


In my opinion, poetry leads us to explore the intangible truth .

In the contemporary poetry, it presents meanings with montage and rhythm which increased

the imagination in the process of my image creation. I would like to explore viewers’ sense to

recognize the time and focus on considering how to approach out expression to reach the

need in communication with great satisfaction .

And I believe poetry is “to stay in a status”  to seek a subjective answer, not the answer itself.


The assumption of truth has fractured the validity to communicate with our surroundings. However, the invalid communication could somehow help us project our identities through the process that we struggle for truth. In my opinion, a complete communication relies on the understanding of unreachable truth.

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